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Company Profile

Sole Distributor of Gent Fire Alarm and Detection Systems

Company History

Situated in Belfast, Dublin and Douglas (Isle of Man), Fire Security Limited is an innovative market leader, meeting customer needs in Fire Detection and provision of Security Systems. The company has been operating under the name Fire Security Limited for 5 years; previous to this it was Gent (ni) and previous to that it was R. Taylor & Company established as the sole Gent distributor in 1975.

What can we offer?

The Fire Division acts as agent and distributor for the Gent product range for fire detection equipment. The Gent product is acknowledged as the market leader in terms of product innovation and quality for its conventional and addressable systems. Fire Security Ltd also specialises in supplying products such as; Aspirating Detection, Call Systems (Disabled Refuge), Deaf Alerter, Portable Fire Extinguishing, Fixed Extinguishing and Gas Detection and tailored maintenance agreements to extend both life and efficiency of systems.

The Security Division are the sole Panasonic Systems House in Northern Ireland ensuring the provision of the highest quality in CCTV design and technology. The Security Division also offers Intruder Alarm, Access Control, Intercoms and Gates and Barriers and tailored maintenance agreements ensuring value for money and systems for life.

Together, both divisions have established themselves as the market leader for achieving high standards in fire and security integrated solutions design with a highly prestigious portfolio of both domestic and overseas projects.

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